As part of celebrations for International Women’s Day, the Bristol Anarcha-Feminists present a day of practical wokshops run by and for women. We’re hoping to create a supportive environment to learn and share skills, especially in areas that women can often feel excluded from. There will be workshops in self-defence, carpentry, car maintenance and bicycle maintenance.

The day is open for women of all ages and experiences. (We’re not interested in policing anyone’s gender; trans and genderqueer people are welcome. Children of all genders are also welcome, though we’re not able to provide childcare, sorry.)

The timetable for workshops is below. The car maintenance & carpentry workshops each run twice. There will also be zines, tea and films running all day.


11 Self-defence Car maintenance Bike maintenance
1 Lunch
2 Bike maintenance intro Car maintenance Herbalism
3 1-1 bike maintenance
4 Carpentry

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