Meeting Thursday March 10

The skillshare was ace! Thanks to everyone who came.

The next anarcha-feminist meeting will be This Thursday, March 10, 8pm at the Smiling Chair.

Things to discuss include:
– let’s sort out the meeting business. One suggestion is to move from weekly meetings (that haven’t actually been happening) to two meetings a month. One on a weekday evening, as an organising meeting. One, maybe on a weekday evening or possibly a Sunday afternoon, as a social.
– let’s have another skillshare, maybe in a couple of months. Does anyone have proposals for workshops they can present or would like to see?
– thanks to Bastard Squad Collective & The Fight for their benefit gig, and to people who gave donations today, we now have some money to spend. One proposal is to produce some material. So possibly bring to the meeting some ideas, & any zines/stickers/posters/billboards you’ve seen that inspire you (one way or the other)
– what to do with the blog – suggestions for links, material to post etc.
– proposal of a feminist squat
– I think there were some more things but I forget them. Long day! Much sugar!

If anyone can’t make it to the meeting on Thursday but wants to contribute to discussion on any of the above – including what meeting time would work for you if you want to come to meetings/socials – please email bristolanarchafem at riseup dot net or leave a comment.

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