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Social – Fri 17th June (plus update on next skillshare planning)

We had a lovely social meeting, with lots of food (and possibly a bit of wine). A personal highlight was the plan to run a West Country Enemas tent at Glastonbury (we’d use cider, obviously). Although this may have not been an entirely serious suggestion…

We decided that the next skillshare should be in September (as so many people are away over the Summer), poll below if you’ve got prefs on dates.

If there’s skills you’d like to learn (or skills you’d like to share!), then let us know in the comments. Here’s a list of suggestions so far to start you off.

  • Bike maintenance
  • First aid
  • Self defence
  • Basic computing – any prefs on what you’d want to know about?
  • Getting started in blogging and social media
  • House maintenance, basic DIY
  • Plumbing
  • Car maintenance
  • Electrical stuff
  • How to get round the world without flying
  • Permaculture
  • Effective allotmenting
  • Setting up your own business
  • Repairing computers and technology
  • Home brewing
  • Apple pressing, etc
  • Skipping, free food, local fruit picking – best as a trip?

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As part of celebrations for International Women’s Day, the Bristol Anarcha-Feminists present a day of practical wokshops run by and for women. We’re hoping to create a supportive environment to learn and share skills, especially in areas that women can often feel excluded from. There will be workshops in self-defence, carpentry, car maintenance and bicycle maintenance.

The day is open for women of all ages and experiences. (We’re not interested in policing anyone’s gender; trans and genderqueer people are welcome. Children of all genders are also welcome, though we’re not able to provide childcare, sorry.)

The timetable for workshops is below. The car maintenance & carpentry workshops each run twice. There will also be zines, tea and films running all day.


11 Self-defence Car maintenance Bike maintenance
1 Lunch
2 Bike maintenance intro Car maintenance Herbalism
3 1-1 bike maintenance
4 Carpentry

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